Social Media Training

Our Social Media Training sessions are built around your specific business needs and with experience spanning a range of different B2B industries we help you to create a relevant and engaging social media strategy. Our consultancy is accompanied by a catalogue of bespoke literature and we offer various formats of training from 1 to 1 conferences to group discussions.


Full or Half Day Sessions Available

Training Session Topics

Sessions are built around you. Training can focus on one of the topics below or include a mix of disciplines:


Social Media Strategy

A strong strategy is what all successful social media activity is based on. 

  • Creating a Strategy - We go through how to create annual, monthly and weekly activity plans
  • Content Creation - We teach you how to capitalise on in-house knowledge and expertise and how to create meaningful, social media content
  • Execution - An introduction to each of the relevant platforms and training on optimising your execution 
  • Reporting - We show you how to effectively report on your social media activity and reflect tangible ROI 

Paid Social

Creating and refining a paid social media strategy can be very fruitful for any company no matter the industry

  • Social Advertising Strategy - Learn how to grow your audience, reach new people and gain warm leads and even conversions through the creation of an effective paid social strategy
  • Budget Allocation - Create an affective social media advertising budget with various aims across various social media platforms
  • Reporting - Report on your spending and refine your strategy going forward

Customer Support

Social Media is one of the first points of call for any customer issue, you need to be equipped to deal with social media customer care

  • Monitoring Brand Mentions - Learn how to monitor social media for mentions of your brand
  • Creating a Customer Support Protocol - Discover how to implement customer care processes within your team
  • Crisis Management Plan - Work on a crisis management plan to safeguard against any potential situation

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