Public Relations

As the backbone of brand awareness, we offer a holistic approach to PR strategy that sees our team become devoted brand ambassadors.

Event Marketing Halston Marketing

Event Marketing

Our immense network in a number of industries means we are connected to the right people. We offer a bespoke event marketing package that includes exclusive venues, various refreshments, packed, high-net-worth guest lists and more. 

Whether it be for PR purposes, corporate events or soft and hard launches, our team can create or provide access to a number of opportunistic events and exhibitions that can put a spotlight on your brand.

Get Speaking

By generating and encouraging speaking opportunities at conferences and events, we can solidify the authority of your brand and colleagues.

We’ll also coach your presenters and work with you on your presentations.

Public Speaking Halston Marketing


Working Niche

Our invested relationships with our clientele allow us to dig through to hidden potential target industries.

We can find, identify and target never-before considered niche industries for your brand.

Digital PR Halston Marketing

Going Digital

Through building brand awareness and executing SEO aims, we spread the word about your brand across relevant placements and publications to ensure your name becomes an authority in your field.

For expert advice on your PR strategy, no matter what your business size or industry, get in touch with our team today.