PPG People - The Power of Digital Internal Comms



In Short...

We were invited on a journey as PPG's EMEA-based, printed, internal publication, PPG People, was taken to new, digital heights.

Just one year later, our blog and social media channels not only went above and beyond the expectations of the client, they earned the BOC Gold Award for Brilliance in Employee Engagement. 


The intention of the digital channels was to run alongside the quarterly printed version of PPG People and eventually replace it for various cost, ecological and CSR reasons.

The client also wanted a place online where news stories could be shared in real-time where there wasn’t an editorial backlog and where it didn’t take months for stories to appear in front of the staff by which point they’d lost their poignancy.

There was a question over whether or not the workforce around the continent would be interested in reading about their company online or engage with stories on social media, especially in their personal newsfeeds....

...So we embarked on a mission to find out.

The Challenge

We were challenged by the Internal Comms team at PPG, to not only work on digitalising, but streamlining the way in which company information, stories and updates were shared within the EMEA region.

We took all the content that PPG People already had, from hand written articles to post it notes, and worked on a strategy with the teams across the UK and the EMEA HQ in Brno, Czech Republic, to establish a process for content gathering, processing and distributing.


The Solution

Our solution was to create a platform for all content to be published where all members of staff could gain access to interesting articles about their colleagues, the company, new products, CSR initiatives and even different cultures within the region, in real-time. 

“By launching the blog, the social media channels and by helping with the overall strategy of how content would be sourced, the initial objective in simply proving the value and use of an online resource was done.
One year on, we have gone so much further than the original remit and have pushed the boundaries of what can be done on social media for internal communications. “

The Activity:

We initially took on all of the online publishing jobs, from publishing stories on the WordPress blog to uploading videos to the YouTube channel and scheduling posts across social media and the management of social advertising campaigns.

The initial year of the campaign was an assessment as to how the workforce would react to their stories now being found in a digital format and once the team had found their feet, the publishing of stories on the blog and social media was handed over to the internal team.

Over the course of 2017 we worked meticulously with the PPG People team both in the UK and in the EMEA HQ in Brno in the Czech Republic. This vastly entwined the relationship and ensured that we were able to effectively train the team in Brno on how to carry out some of the blog and social media execution.


The Result

There have been over 200 blog posts created on the PPG People blog. Every single story is submitted from the workforce across the EMEA region. This in itself is evidence that users are engaged with the publication.

Not only that, they’re proud and excited to submit their stories to PPG People, they want to see their work and that of their colleagues celebrated; the response we get through social media is astounding.

After one year of working together we have achieved a social media reach of over 4.5 million users, a social media audience of over 11k and 77k video views.

 “The impact of the campaign has been great. We’ve seen leaders from other regions ask for the blueprint to our success. “


The main challenge when working with a large corporate like PPG is the initial fear of social media and the reluctance to put their trust in digital. This was never the case with the PPG People team they were excited to see the amazing effects real-time communication can have.

A drive towards a more digital and more open future will be the main impact of the unbridled success of the campaign.

“But the most important thing we’ve offered the client and their internal comms team is our specialised digital marketing skills allowing them to take most of the execution in house piece by piece over the course of the year meaning they can truly make their ever-growing digital footprint their own. “

To learn more about how we can help with your digital internal comms strategy, please contact us today and we'd be happy to help!


"Halston Marketing has been integral to the launch of the digitalisation of our internal comms, from strategy and content creation to the launch of our social media campaigns and social advertising.

We’ve seen unprecedented uptake and engagement within PPG across the whole of the EMEA region"

 Ken Armistead, Director, Corporate Communications, EMEA