Imageco: Heavily-Strategic B2B Marketing

Last year, we worked strategically with the sales team of a Leeds-based wide-format print company named Imageco to better build their brand position.


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Leading Print Company

Imageco is one of the UK’s leading companies for all things project and print.

The Imageco team specialise in all sectors of large format print, signage, exhibition, retail and print work. With extensive industry knowledge and an up-to-date, 30,000-square-foot production facility with 28 expert staff members, Imageco offer full in-house design, print and finishing services with a nationwide installation team. Imageco’s clients range from sign and exhibition companies to marketing agencies and designers.

Halston Imageco Printer

A Brand Supercharge

The Imageco team were looking for a brand boost.

With little to no marketing efforts helping to push their brilliant sales team forward, their director noted a distinct lack of brand voice and strategy. Though their social media channels had been implemented, the business’s trajectory, general tone of voice and strategic, seasonal content had yet to be discussed.

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Uniting Sales and Marketing

An essential Business Trajectory Consultancy session was required in order to identify future company milestones and goals, build brand voice, a strong social media presence and a content and PR plan that targeted key and untapped industries and customers.

We needed to collaborate with their sales team on a round-the-clock basis to ensure that our digital marketing accurately aligned with and reflected the Imageco sales team’s aspirations. This included ensuring our PR efforts paralleled sales goals.

Consistent Engagement

First and foremost, our Halston Marketing team sat down with the Imageco directors and sales department. We established key goals regarding exposure, brand-building and widening target industries and through getting to know the team we were able to subsequently build a brand voice that reflected their values, attitudes and individual personalities.

All relevant social channels were analysed and optimised towards this tone of voice, and we developed a plan to consistently engage with followers using a mix of video and literary content (to be posted on the Imageco site’s blog page), industry news, exciting design projects and attractive calls to action featuring those aforementioned projects.

We also generated a PR plan to reflect the widening path of Imageco’s industry offerings—for example, in 2018, we accompanied the team to Marketing Show North in Manchester to improve brand awareness of Imageco within the marketing sector and subsequently gained the attention of potential customers.

Halston Marketing Goals

Clearer Vision

For Imageco, the Halston Marketing team were successful in:

  • Heavily strategising the business’s trajectory via marketing and PR

  • Outlining and pinpointing key and untapped audiences and target industries

  • Optimising the website for SEO purposes

  • Forging essential brand voice for the management of social media channels

  • Generating a consistent stream of engaging video and blog content

  • Highlighting opportunities for sales and network growth via networking events, award submissions and exhibitions

Imageco Haston Marketing

“Our vision and strategy as a company has become so much clearer since working with Halston Marketing, and the team’s PR, social media and content work have enhanced our visibility and wowed our customers.”

Nathan Swinson-Bullough, Director and Co-owner of Imageco

Imageco Nathan