Digital Marketing Training

We offer bespoke training sessions built around your specific needs as a business. Our experience spans various B2B industries and we offer every format of training from 1 to 1 conferences to group discussions. Our consultancy is accompanied by a catalogue of literature tailor-made for each session.


Full or Half Day Sessions Available

Halston Marketing Training

Training Session Topics

Sessions are built around you. Training can focus on one of the topics below or include a mix of disciplines:

Social Media

With expert knowledge and experience in social media for B2B we create a training session that covers:

  • Social Media Strategy - How to plan your social media content 
  • Social Media Execution - Learning about the different platforms, which are best for you and how to effectively create engaging content
  • Paid Social Media - How to create advertising campaigns across various platforms
  • Social Media ROI - How to effectively report on your social media activity

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is high on the agenda for many companies and we can help you plan and create your brand's content through:

  • Content Marketing Strategy - We teach you and your staff how to create annual and monthly content plans specifically relevant to your industry
  • Consultancy on SEO - Our Content Marketing training also gives you insight on how your site content can be relevant to your SEO and we work alongside your search aims
  • Content Marketing Execution - Teaching your team how to create timely, relevant, interesting content
  • Content Marketing ROI - Teaching you how to report on your Content Marketing efforts

Digital PR

Using your brand awareness and SEO aims, we teach your team how to spread the word about your brand across relevant industry placements and publications

  • Digital PR Strategy - We teach you how to plan your Digital PR strategy effectively and ensure your name becomes an authority in your field
  • Digital PR Execution - Learn how to execute the perfect strategy
  • Reporting on Digital PR - We help you to ensure measurable and relevant KPIs are put in place to report on your Digital PR

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