Corporate PR

We get under the skin of your industry no matter how niche - to spread key business news updates across relevant public platforms and manage your corporate reputation.

Halston Marketing Corporate PR

Media Relations

Utilising our key contacts in local, regional and global news outlets, we can help to increase your corporate footprint in the print and digital media environment.

We also create and maintain ongoing relationships with key reporters to ensure a breaking story is covered in a timely manner.

Halston Marketing Corporate PR

Reputation Building

Through corporate events, media relations and our intricate knowledge of corporate communications, we can help you to build a respectable and authoritative reputation in your industry.

If you’re scaling up to a corporate level or are in need a reputation reboot, we can help.

Halston Marketing Corporate PR

Crisis Management

Reputation is the blood that runs through brand awareness – without it, serious damage may already be in place.

However, our team is on-hand to help. We know exactly how to avoid crises and work with you and your team to develop a robust crisis plan that’s relevant across all platforms.

Experts in Digital

Communications runs in our veins at Halston Marketing and our heart lies in digital. Not only will we work with you on your corporate reputation and in developing crisis plans, we’ll also ensure that your team understands and appreciates the digital landscape through:

Halston Marketing Experts in Digital
  • Social Media Training - Working with your team on understanding the power and reach of social media and how it’s relevant to your brand’s position.

  • Digital PR - Ensuring that any corporate coverage or update is placed in both on and offline settings and creating awareness within your team as to the importance of digital PR and links for SEO.

  • Industry Leaders - Creating relationships with some of the world’s most influential publications online to establish and maintain your company’s thought-leading status within your industry.

Creating press relationships on a corporate level is integral to any large company, we can ensure your news is told on time and from the horse’s mouth, contact us today for more information.