Business Trajectory Consultancy

This is what sets us apart from other agencies; a consultative service, offered as standard.

We never take on a marketing brief without understanding your company aims and how a strategy can best be forged to fulfil them. From market research and commercial due diligence to emerging industry trends, we consult on the economic direction of your business over the coming years.

Then we look at the marketing…

For Start-Ups

Halston Marketing Start-up Marketing

Launching Your Brand

A partner from day one; we work with you to develop your brand, your business and marketing strategies and ensure they work in tandem.

We’re on hand to develop the commercial viability of your service or product. We unearth the industry verticals you should be focussing on and develop razor sharp marketing strategies to target them.


Our Investor Pack will help you pitch your company for any type of funding.

The Investor Pack works by collating your team’s research, consulting on your due diligence, highlighting key team strengths, organising literature (including sales history and market value), profiling mentors and sharing our investment tax break knowledge.

To tie this up, we offer pitch preparation advice – from managing expectations to preparing your team – to guarantee you’re entering negotiations with your strongest foot forward.

For Scale-ups

Halston Marketing Scale-Up Marketing


We work alongside your team to identify your current target audience and how this may shift in the future, and the repercussions with regards to your scalability.

Using our team’s industry insights, we can highlight alternative applications for your service or product and tap into potentially unnoticed, niche target audiences to grow the reach of your brand.

Our corporate knowledge allows us to put into place a number of strategic public relations techniques that will get you in front of the right audience for potential investments.


Let us help you turn your ambitions into action with expert consultation on your scaling business plan.

No matter how innovative or niche the industry, we’re on hand with research that allows you to make informed decisions and prioritise the right actions for your business.

The process usually begins with a research session and a workshop with you and your team. Get the ball rolling today to book your full or half day and get your business strategy on track.

For SMEs

Halston Marketing Funding

New Territory

Our established clients take advantage of our Business Trajectory Consultancy in various different ways, including round fundraising, business strategy analysis and exit strategy marketing.

Whether you’re looking to penetrate new industries or regions we can build marketing strategies that are aligned with your growth.

Our expert PR and event planning team can ensure that any new product or innovation launch goes off without a hitch and is noticed by the right people.


No matter how far in the future you see your exit, it’s always worth planning for it today. We conduct very high-level business PR and marketing strategies that put your company bang in the middle of the crosshairs for potential acquirers.

We’re also au fait with alternative exit routes, if you’re thinking about a management buyout we can ensure your ducks are in a row internally and advise you on stake-holder and leadership team alignment.

If you’re thinking about an IPO, we can create concrete foundations for your brand through authoritative marketing, positioning your company as the absolute thought leaders on the bleeding edge of your industry.

If you’re an SME and you’d like to discuss your options and engage with our Business Trajectory Consultancy service, contact us.