Business Trajectory Consultancy

We work with all business sizes, from start-ups looking for help with funding and business plans, to established SMEs looking to add value or for a strategy to exit. We work in close-conjunction with your company to strategise your business goals and open the door to a successful future.

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Start with Research…

Our skilled marketers conduct authoritative market research that is able to inform the economic direction of your business over the coming years.

Target Audiences Halston Marketing

Target Audiences

We work alongside your team to really pin point who your audience is now and how this may shift in the future, with regards to the scalability of your company.

Using our team’s industry insights, we can highlight alternative applications for your service or product and tap into potentially unnoticed, niche target audiences to grow the reach of your brand.

PR Halston Marketing


Our corporate knowledge allows us to put into place a number of strategic public relations techniques that will get you in front of the right audience for potential investments.

This includes submitting award applications, targeting local publications and celebrating business wins.

Halston Marketing Funding

Investor Packs

We work with you to develop a comprehensive Investor Pack that will help you pitch your company for any type of funding.

The Investor Pack works by collating your team’s research, consulting on your due diligence, highlighting key team strengths, organising literature (including sales history and market value), profiling mentors and sharing our investment tax break knowledge.

To tie this up, we offer pitch preparation advice – from managing expectations to preparing your team – to guarantee you’re entering negotiations with your strongest foot forward.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey and looking to maximise investor interest or seeking advice on an exit strategy, we can help build a strategy that’s fit for purpose.